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How to Book Extra Sessions

As a Monthly Subscriber you are also entitled to book extra sessions at a special discounted rate! Just our little way of saying thank you!

Your Monthly subscription allows you access to five of our amazing spaces. This includes our two spaces in Manor House Luna Rehearsals perfect for practicing, rehearsaing and even producing. And three premium recording studios in Hackney. Noatune.

Check availability


Find a slot that's free by hovering your mouse over your required space. 

Look at the Excl. Engineer Calendar or Incl. Engineer Calendar. If a slot is greyed out, then it is not available. 

Note: Do not use Calendars called "Monthly Bundle" E.g. Studio B Monthly Bundle"  to book extra /one-off sessions even if you are paying for a Monthly Bundle. Monthly Bundle Calendars are only for swapping the weekly slots included in the Monthly Bundle. 

Hint - If you already know what space you want to book in, you can simplify your calendar window by choosing the specific space you require in the top right hand corner or groups of spaces i.e Noatune or Luna.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 12.28.35.png

Choose your session 

The options for session times are pre-configured in the calendar, so when you hover your mouse over and it turns green it means you can book this. Note that it will suggest the shortest slot depending on the context, so if you would like a longer slot you must first click then drag to extend the duration. When a slot is selected you can adjust the start and end time. 

If it is red or it won't let you book try using a different start or end time or adjust the duration of your session until it turns green. At this point when you have your selection made you should see the price of the session at the top.

When you are ready simply click book which will load up the booking pop-up.


Book and Pay Online

Carefully review the details of your booking and enter your card details where specified to pay. 

Be sure to check the price and double check you have not booked in any calendar that says Monthly Bundle. 

If you a Monthly bundle user please write "Extra Session" in the Title. 

Members without monthly bundle and non-members write "One Off Booking" in the Title 

As a member your 25% discount is automatically calculated.

Note! Once you click confirm you will be charged for the session, bookings are final and cannot be refunded, so be sure to pay extra attention to "payment and cancellation" section where you see the price Skedda will be charging you. 


How to Re-Arrange one of the pre-booked sessions in your monthly bundle 

(Monthly bundle users only)

As part of our Monthly Bundle package, our users have committed to one fixed session a week with the benefit of a great discount and we do not offer to refund unused sessions. However there might an option for you to change a session depending on the availability in the studio where you have your weekly slots as well as your own flexibility. For example, if you have a monthly bundle in Luna Rehearsals and you can only make a weekday evening for a replacement session a change might be impossible due to Luna Rehearsals usually being busy during those times. On the other hand if you are flexible and can make use of weekday day time or weekends it should be easy to find a replacement session and thereby make a change. 

In this case you can cancel and re-arrange your session directly from the calendar by following the instructions below.



You can only change a session if it satisfies the following:

  • The session you cancel can not be closer than 72 hours or more than 30 days ahead.

  • The Replacement session must be booked within 15 minutes and fall within 30 days ahead 

  • Should be the SAME or LESS value as the one you are cancelling (Please refer to the rates for more details)

  • Be made within 15 minutes of cancelling your session 

check availability.png

Check if there is an available slot for your replacement session

Your replacement session must be within 30 days from the moment you reschedule. So ensure there is a session you can replace with before cancelling the original.

If the studio is busy and you cannot find a replacement session within 30 days and the session you can not make is not near check in with the calendar in a few days to see if anything else has become available. 

If you think you will not be able to change your session or the session is within the 72 hours of where we allow changes to be made please notify us that you will not be attending the session. You will not be refunded but we will make it available in the calendar which will help other users instead of the studio being empty.


cancel this occurance .png

Cancel the session you can't make


Be sure to choose 'Cancel this occurrence" otherwise we will lose all your calendar data which is something we'll have to charge you an admin fee for.

After cancelling the session you have only 15 minutes to book your replacement session. We do not allow users to cancel a session and then book a replacement when they need a session later on, it has to be a cancellation plus rebooking at the same time. 


Book your replacement session


Once you have cancelled your session, you have 15 minutes to book your replacement session. 

Only book your replacement session in the Monthly Bundle calendar, otherwise you will be charged automatically by Skedda. Be aware! Check that you are not in the wrong calendar as we do not refund extra / one off session bookings made in error. 

Write RESCHEDULED in the title with information relating your rescheduling as shown and put as much relevant information in the notes, i.e reason for cancellation etc. 

Replacement session for 14th of May 10am