Noatune Studios




Do you provide an engineer or assistant?

At Noatune we have experienced in-house staff of engineers and producers. For more information on recording with an engineer visit our Recording & Mixing. To enquire about a recording session or to get a quote please contact us.

Please note: When booking our studio as a "Dry Hire" it will not come with an engineer. Dry Hire Bookings are suited for freelance producers or artists who bring their own engineer. If you choose to book as a dry hire and still require some assistance please contact us.

Are the studios accessible 24/7?

Yes. However we require first time bookings and new users to book a session in working hours first (Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm) This includes Monthly Bundle and Membership holders. If you have taken an overnight option then you must have your first session within the day, after your first session you can carry on as normal. Netil House is easy accessible with a concierge desk and loads of cafs and shops around.

Do you hire out studio spaces long-term for exclusive use?

We don’t hire out empty studios for exclusive long-term use. If you have a specific project in mind, contact us for details. For long-term studio sessions, check out our monthly bundles and membership plans for hugely discounted sessions and regular studio access.

What do I need before hiring the studio?

If you wish to book a recording session with an engineer - simply work out a suitable time with us and pay half of the session fee upfront to lock in the session.
If you are booking a studio for dry hire i.e. without a Noatune engineer / assistant then you will need to be registered as a dry hire client and for security purposes we will need a copy of your ID, proof of address and a refundable deposit from you before we give you access to work in the studios alone.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, for studio dry-hire without an engineer we do take a refundable security deposit and for studio sessions with an engineer or mixing work we require 1/2 session fee upfront.

Can I come and view the studio first?

Please contact us first with info about your project / studio needs and we can help you find the ideal solution for you. We are usually very busy with recording and mixing in the studios, therefore we normally don’t do viewings – although depending on your needs we may invite you to view our studios.

Can I use my laptop with your gear?

Absolutely. Many producers / composers / songwriters hire our studios and work from their laptops. The interface in both studios are Universal Audio Apollo’s (Thunderbolt cable provided), so your laptop needs a Thunderbolt connection if you want to record and play music through your laptop. Otherwise you can connect your laptop via the headphone output to our speaker system, but this will only allow you to playback audio not record.

Are the studios sound-proofed?

Yes, all our studios are soundproofed and have carefully designed room acoustics.

Do you have discounts for multiple bookings?

Yes, when you book several consecutive days. If you are considering recording your next EP or Album or if you need a number of songs mixed - please enquire for a quote. We also provide the following discount on taking more than one monthly bundle:

  • Get £20 off per month when you take 2 monthly bundles
  • Get £50 off per month when you take 3 monthly bundles

Do you charge extra to use equipment?

No, the instruments and gear listed for each studio is included with no extra fees. However, some gear is shared between Studio A and B. If anything on the “shared gear” list is crucial for your booking, for instance a specific guitar or amp, please inquire prior to your sessions to see if we can reserve it for you. We do have a few privately-owned microphones and outboard gear such as the legendary Neumann U67, which are only available when you dry-hire with prior agreement and an additional deposit paid. All the items with a * must be requested and authorized.

Is there free parking?

There is no dedicated parking at Noatune Studios, but you can park on the streets around Netil House. There is a loading area with direct access to the lift if you need to bring large items.

Can I bring musicians / friends?

Yes, but we have to be informed before you bring two or more guests. You must be present at all times if you bring musicians / guests.

What plugins do you have?

Both studios have a good collection of amazing plugins such as UAD, Soundtoys, Waves etc. Have a look at the gear lists.

Is it possible to record drums?

Yes, in Studio C you can record drums and we have various classic drum kits and a huge collection of vintage and modern snare drums. We can also offer a quick and efficient way for you to get some live drums on your tracks with our remote drumming or session drumming services. You can simply email us your track or come in in person and we can replace your midi/demo drums with professional live drums. You can also hire a day session to track drums and bring your own drummer. You may also record drums in Studio A and B but you might need to hire extra mics and it's subject to availability

Do you have cozy lights?

Yes, we have dimmable lights in both studios so you can have the atmosphere that makes you creative and comfortable.

Is there air-conditioning?

Yes! All our studios have air condition/dehumidifier as well as quiet ventilation systems that bring in fresh filtered air from outside to make sessions as comfortable as possible for you.

Can I bring my outboard gear?

Absolutely! You will find a TRS patch bay in each studio and various adaptor cables to connect your own gear to Noatune’s setup.

Do you have any vacancies or do you take internships?

We hire highly skilled freelance engineers / producers for projects from time to time and we do sometimes have trainees to join our engineers during sessions - so feel free to send us your CV along with some songs you have worked on and specify what you did on them. We may not get around to respond to all queries like this - but will read them and keep them on file.