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The right mix will bring your song to life, a vital part of achieving the dynamic relationship of arrangement, instrumentation and perspective in a song. We offer a personalised mixing process – by discussing a client’s project, studying the references and notes and working alongside the client to achieve the best mix possible.


Mixing is where you need someone you can trust to bring your music to life. It is a technical and artistic job that can turn a demo into a record.

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The Studios

Our beautiful new Studio C has been acoustically designed for monitoring and mixing. Which means that in combination with our monitors, the renowned Focal Twins 6be, and our extensive selection of hardware outboard gear we can deliver mixes that are accurate and stand out in digital, streaming and radio. Learn more about the studio here.


A good mix starts with the right acoustics.

So you can hear what you’re doing


Gear up for the battle

Our selection of outboard gear, like the Manley (name gear), have been used on legendary mixes throughout history and can usually only be found in world famous studios, but Noatune is proud to provide access to this legendary equipment at affordable rates.



With the help of our amazing selection of outboard gear as well as our extensive selection of plugins. Our mix engineers can contribute with ideas and add creative input i.e. effects such as automation or interesting panning if suitable or desired, or can producing a warm, full sounding, natural mix for your acoustic recordings.




We can mix almost every genre, or at least let’s write something about what style we can mix and that we will always get the right engineer to mix your project. have a listen on spotify as well.



Engineers (Why use Noatune Section)

Our engineers are experienced in various different genres and have worked with the likes of Tom Odell, Laura Mvula, Laidback Luke, Robinson, Izzy Bizu, Nafe Smallz, Christof van der Ven, Bryde to name a few. (name drop or nah?)

More importantly, our engineers will work on each mix carefully and not just deliver a quick mix – unlike other online mixing services. Because it takes time to understand the song, the vision, and compare it to your references before starting to balance levels, automate, pan, EQ, add compression, effects etc.

add something about the fact we have specialised engineers across several genres so you can be sure that you engineer understands the music they are mixing. Noatune Studios uses a hybrid of high end analogue and digital equipment to achieve high quality mixes that sound big on the radio, and on a laptop speaker


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In bullet points:

  • Mixed Stereo WAV file

  • Turnaround from 10 days (confirmed once quoted)

  • 1 set of revisions included

  • Attended revision / feedback session available