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Noatune Studios Hackney


Record your album, demo or EP with Noatune and take advantage of our in-house engineers and producers for the highest quality sound imaginable

Whether it's a full album for your band, a Demo EP or a Podcast, Noatune is your one stop shop for all your recording needs. We have a range of in-house producers and engineers with years of industry experienced perfectly suited to delivering the absolute best quality for your project. 


Noatune Services

Noatune Studios offer a full suite of comprehensive services to deliver your next project. Whether you’re looking to record your band, mix your next album or simply need somewhere comfortable to record a podcast, Noatune will provide professional and quality results.


Noatune provides everything you need to record your next project

With three highly specialised recording studios, and a great team of experienced sound engineers, producers and composers, Noatune can deliver your vision from start to finish. We deliver using only the highest quality recording equipment around. Despite being a small recording studio, our passion for sound has enabled us to specialise in some of the most rare hardware available, including a vintage Neumann U67, Neve 1084, Chandler Limited TGC Abbey Road.


Noatune offer dedicated Mixing and Mastering services specialising in analogue hardware.

When you send your work to Noatune to be mixed, they will be processed using some of the most sought after gear in the world. If you make all your music in the box, and to want to add that proper studio sound try us once, you’ll never go back once you’ve heard what proper analogue mixing can do to bring out the best of your performance.



Record your most intimate vocal performance with our legendary microphones and feel comfortable in our handcrafted Scandanvian interior

Take advantage of our legendary microphones such as the original Neumann U67 to make your voice shine. No matter what sort of project you’re working on whether it’s a commercial voiceover, audiobook or podcast we use the absolute best equipment, making no sacrifices. Our Scandinavian interiors will guarantee you feel cosy and comfortable ready to give your most relaxed and genuine vocal performance or simply to make your guests at ease during podcasts. Help yourself to our range of herbal teas or coffee, whatever the setting you’ll feel right at home.



Noatune provide bespoke composition and sound design

If you need original music or sound, Noatune can deliver a full start to finish project for TV, Film or Commercial.